1. Many homes do not have items worth thousands of dollars. These are the items that are best sold through an estate auction.
  2. When hundreds of $5-$10 items are sold, along with a piece of furniture, for say $275, the proceeds of the sale can add up to thousands of dollars even before any of the valuable items in the home, such as collectible pieces, antiques, jewelry and cars, are sold.
  3. When small items are sold together with the high value items in a large auction, 90 to 95% of the contents in an estate can be sold, which means you’ll have more money in your pockets in addition to clearing out the place completely.
  4. Do not make the mistake of picking a few valuable item and sell them separately because these are the items that will get the low value items sold. If you make this mistake, you may end up with a lot of stuff that you may not be able to sell as well as a small amount of money in your pocket. Furthermore, you will attract a small crowd because the estate has already been picked over.
  5. Therefore, you should not make the mistake of picking and selling all the valuable before calling an estate sale company to help you sell the rest. Remember, we don’t sell junk. We only sell items people want and the junk just happens to go along with the valuables. Before doing anything, therefore, remember this important quote – we don’t sell junk. When you allow everything to be sold in an estate auction, you will be able to get much more money from selling every item in the estate, both the small items and valuable items.

Protect the Awe Factor of Your Estate Sale

Your Atlanta estate sale can have an Awe Factor that will attract huge crowds if it includes big ticket items. If you choose to sell these big ticket items separately because they are easy to sell, your estate will lose its Awe Factor, and you may find it extremely difficult to sell the little items.

This means you will also not be able to get the kind of money you would get if you sold everything together. At Peachtree & Bennett, we don’t sell junk, we deal in items that people want, so if you give us the chance to sell your estate, you can be assured of clearing out your place as well as getting more money from the sale.

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