Buying at Companies Estate Sales

Peachtree & Bennett’s Companies Estate Sales Bidding Platform

Peachtree & Bennett is excited to begin presenting more auctions via our online bidding platform Companies Estate Sales.  We hope to make your bidding experience simple and worry-free.  In this feature, we will discuss registration and bidding on the Companies Estate Sales platform.


We wanted to keep registration simple for everyone.  You can find the Sign In and Registration options on the top right of the homepage.  Simply click “Register,” and you will be taken to the Registration page.  Fields marked with a red asterisk are required to proceed.

Choose an easily remembered yet secure username and password.  You’ll need to sign in with this each time you want to come back and bid on items.

companies estate sales registration

After you’ve chosen your login credentials, fill in all the text fields with your accurate contact and billing information.  Read the Terms of Service thoroughly and check the tick mark to indicate that you agree to them.  After that, simply click “complete registration,” and you’re done.  You’re ready to bid, now!


At the Companies Estate Sales homepage, you will find listed any active estate sales immediately below the main banner.  All of these sales are active and ready for bidding.  The time shown below the event banner shows when the sale ends.  At this point, all bids placed are final and binding.  No more bids may be placed on items in the auction.

There is no outright expense in bidding. You pay after being declared as winner. There are no hidden fees but you may be obliged to take care of shipping, handling, and storage costs.

companies estate sales bid bidding

You will notice that all the items’ starting bids begin at $1.  Browse through the listings, and find something you like.  Click to view the lot, and you will see bidding information for the item.  The Current Price is the bid that the winner has placed.  Your Maximum Bid is the highest amount that you have so far elected to bid on the item.  Minimum Bid is how much you would need to bid in order to win the item.  Below these lines, you will see a form labeled Your Maximum Proxy Bid.  This is the field in which you can enter how much you are willing to pay for the item.  To understand Proxy Bidding, keep reading, below.


Proxy Bids

Be familiar with Proxy Bidding. It can help save the time of bidders assuring them of getting their desired items. The proxy software functions automatically with pre-defined or pre-arranged bidding guidelines. Identify the maximum amount you can bid. The proxy software will do the rest for you.

Proxy bidding keeps the Estate Sale Process simple and worry-free.  Simply put in the highest amount you are willing to pay for an item.  Proxy software always bids the minimum hoping to surpass other expectant bidders. It bids in increments approved by and it will charge you only that much.  Shop around before placing your bids, so you have a good idea of how much you can pay for something.

What’s so nice about the process of proxy bidding? There is a distinct advantage. You can participate in an intense bidding competition without hovering over the keyboard.  Some prefer the manual bidding technique, but this is not always applicable to online estate sales.


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