What Is Better: Estate Sale Or Estate Auction?

What Is Better: Estate Sale Or Estate Auction?

Are you trying to determine what is better for your situation, an estate sale or an estate auction? Certain factors determine which you should undertake.

Here are a few tips.

Many people are not even sure what an Atlanta estate sale company is or how it is run. They also don’t know how much money they can make in the process or how to price items. If you have such questions, Peachtree & Bennett can help you decide whether an estate sale or an estate auction is in your best interests. We hear these questions every day and can detail the answers why an estate sale, moving sale, tag sale, or similar event, may not always be your best option.

Estate Sale Benefits

When our staff works at estate sales, they are constantly asked by people who attend which is the better option. More often than not, estate sales are more profitable for most people. The reason for this is that estate sales will include absolutely everything in the home, not only the antique bedroom set and loveseat, but also office supplies, dishes and cookware in the kitchen.

Auction Consignment Benefits

Estate auctions are not ideal for those individuals who require disposing of a home’s entire contents. In fact, many estate auction companies state flat out that they will not sell everything. They do something that is called cherrypicking, whereby they choose what they want to sell and say goodbye to the rest. In other words, they take a handful of good items and leave the rest behind, meaning you still have to dispose of it, somehow, someway.

This type of estate disposal complicates matters in several ways. First, you’re still left with a lot of small, valuable items that require disposal. Secondly, you have no way to realize the full value of the estate as the auction company cherrypicked the larger items.

That does not necessary mean that an estate sale will sell junk. Estate sales sell the items that people want. What some people view as junk, others do  not. That is the beauty of an estate sale. Good items help draw in crowds while the quirky stuff appeals to smaller  audiences, yet helps adds thousands of dollars that you would never see with an estate auction.

So Which is Best for You?

That doesn’t mean that Peachtree & Bennett will not do estate auctions. Our staff does them as well, but we do not recommend them for most of our clients. Estate auctions are ideal for those situations where the price of the average item being sold is worth between $5,000 and $10,000. We’ll be glad to help you set up an estate auction for a situation like that.

However, if you’re asking yourself who will bid on grandma’s soup ladle, the the best course of action is an estate sale as virtually no one wants to bid on items of that nature. If fact, you’ll never see such items at estate auctions.

Estate sales allow maximal profits from the majority of you items by allowing you to sell small items along with the large one.

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